Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The money-junkies must really be scared to try that desperate a hoax.

The Gay Secretary

The propaganda factory in DC has already cranked up to rock-and-roll afterburner and is trying to claim that the protesters are (A) Socialists (B) Communists (C) really working for George Soros and are trying to establish a totalitarian dictatorship under Obama, (D) space aliens in disguise.

Folks, use your common sense. Who BENEFITS by scaring you away from supporting the OccupyAMERICA movement? Obama and the existing totalitarian government.

Remember GS's Rule of Revolution: The fastest way to bring down a dictatorship is to force them to act like one where everyone can see it!

The oligarchs of America cannot move militarily against the protesters without advertising to the rest of the nation that the protesters are correct when they declare the US Government has become a fascist police state.

More to the point, why would protesters marching against financial totalitarianism of the Federal Reserve call for more totalitarianism under a President who failed to keep him promise to reverse the economic course of the nation.

But this appears to be the current White House and media spin to sabotage public support for the OccupyAMERICA movement, and we saw similar attempts in Iceland and Egypt.

Israel is desperate for OccupyAMERICA to fail. If the protest succeeds, Israel loses your money (now over four times the entire cost of the Apollo Moon program) but control over the United States' veto in the UN Security Council. Israel has ordered all their assets in government and media to scare you away from supporting your best chance at freedom.

"No, really, things will be much worse under that 'Congress' forming up in Philadelphia! They're gonna be MUCH worse than I ever was. They'll make you drink coffee instead of tea, for chrissakes! That Jefferson and his buddies, Hancock and Franklin (talk about a pushy bastard); they'll wreck the place if you let them!" -- King George III, presumably somewhere around 1775

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