Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Maybe some of the members of congress wants the threat of people killed or silenced by gag orders for any truthful thing they say on the Internet?

by Brian D. Hill

According to the WSJ and TechDirt the congress wants fictitious names and what they call Internet lies to be illegal under the guise of preventing any kind of fraud and abuse on the world of computers to stop hacking and fraud.
The problem is fictitious names have been used by many book writers that don’t wish to harassed or killed for their viewpoints, those that are victims of stalkers (Ref 1), those that risk getting killed because of reports they bring out, those that speak out, those that make controversial statements, attorneys that tell people not to say things under their name, and those that get involved in some illegal ring and wish to expose the lid on them by going to the media.

It is not deceitful or immoral to use a fictitious name because under many circumstances....

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