Monday, August 29, 2011

The fact is that winning the election changed Kennedy

The Gay Secretary

All of a sudden he decided that instead of being just another in a long series of corporate front men in the Oval Officer, he was going to BE a President. And in the process of trying to solve some real problems, he earned the hate of those whose fortunes depended on the perpetuation of problems, such as the CIA, the Mossad, the Texas Oil Billionaires, the mafia, and, of course, Israel.

Lyndon Johnson had found out from one of his staffers who roomed with Mary Jo Kopechne that Kennedy planned to replace him as VP in the second term. Richard Nixon hated Kennedy for his defeat in 1960, and with three Kennedy brothers lined up as a dynasty, the GOP was looking at almost a quarter of a century before they stood a chance of retaking the White House.

Having so many players in the assassination allowed all to have plausible deniability. As soon as any investigation started to focus in on pone group, evidence would be leaked drawing attention to another party, keeping the investigators running in circles, because they did not see that all the possible suspects were involved!

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