Monday, August 15, 2011

Corporate media as it has been known for decades is about to vanish. They are afraid. And their response is inevitable!

The Gay Secretary

The corporate media long ago sold out their principles for favors from the ruling class. That is, of course, a major reason we call them "Presstitutes." For less than the cost of a call girl, you can get a corporate "journalist" to spin any propaganda you want.

Iowa is a major threat to that cozy deal! Despite all the money and media bias thrown against him. Ron Paul made a major splash, kept from first place only by Michele Bachmann's home court advantage and those still missing 218 votes.

Ron Paul's spectacular success is a major threat to the media. If they cannot sell the population what the rulers want the population to think; if the media cannot decide for you who the candidates are and which issues should matter for the election, then the media loses their cozy relationship with the rulers. No more special favors. No more laws to keep the blogs from being serious competitors.

So, following Iowa (and a few honest Mea Culpas Sunday) the corporate media is out to bury Ron Paul as fast as they can, and it has nothing at all to do with Ron Paul or his politics.

If the corporate media cannot prove they are still in control of the minds of America, the money dries up and the life of status and privilege evaporates. The corporate media's attitude is, "We will BY GAWD tell you who to vote for and what to think is important!" and no expense will be too great, no crime too horrible, no lie too ridiculous, in trying to re-enslave minds of the American people.

This is the start of a new war between the corporate media and the public. The corporate media is despetrate retain its exalted and lofty social status. They are terrified that the blogs, operating on space change, allowed the Iowa voters to get the hard facts that enabled them to make good decisions over the propaganda of the corporate media armed with millions of dollars in funding!

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