Monday, July 11, 2011

Medical uses my ass! If you want to smoke Pakalolo, I mean Marijuana, THEN YOU WILL PAY MY FUCKING PRICE AND YOU WILL FUCKING LIKE IT!!!!!!!!"

American Scofflaw

Look, you morons; lemme explain things to you!

We made drugs illegal to make them expensive, okay? Like how prohibition made alcohol worth ten times what it had been while legal.

With me so far?

Making drugs illegal makes them more profitable.

Write that down; it's important.

Now, since I got into office, I have been sending guns down to Mexico to the Zeta gang so that they can establish a monopoly on the importation of Pakalolo, I mean Marijuana, while I got the DEA shutting down anyone impudent enough to grow Pakalolo, I mean Marijuana, for themselves, see?

Me and my homies'; we're getting rich off of the weed and if you think I am gonna let you slaves legalize Pakalolo, I mean Marijuana, and undermine the profits after all the work we put into setting this up, then you must be high! -- US White Horse

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