Friday, July 22, 2011

Frankly, this feels like an attempt to make Gay Rights an issue in the coming election, in which the incumbents know they cannot run on the economy !!

The Gay Secretary

This idea that everybody be forced to like and accept everybody else (unless they live over an oil field) is a big part of the globalist agenda. Personally, if I owned a hotel I would not hesitate to provide facilities for their joyous occasion.

But every place of business has a right to decide who they will do business with and who they will not, and using the courts to bludgeon your way into an establishment whose owner doesn't want you there (or ban a boycott) will not change their opinions; indeed the experience will probably only make them even less likely to readjust their views.

Only the globalists (and Israel) demand the courts be used to force people to like those they don't already like. This political correctness has gone on far enough and just adds to the hostility. Isn't it easier and more pleasant to associate with those people sophisticated and intelligent enough to accept you as you are?

It is easy to shout freedom of speech when someone is shouting what you agree with. But the true test of your support of the principle is when the person you defend says something you oppose.l The owners of the Vermont Wildflower don't like gays.

I don't agree with that; but they have a right to their opinion on their own property. And this nation has done great damage to itself trying to coerce people to think differently on their own property, which merely trades one set of arbitrary beliefs for another, by force.

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