Monday, July 11, 2011

But again, why are we even talking about raising the debt ceiling??

The Gay Secretary

As part of the so-called debt ceiling debate, numerous parties including Tim Geithner himself are suggesting an end to Social Security due to its high cost.

But the reality behind that spin is that Social Security is funded by you, the taxpayer, via a separate withholding on your paychecks.

The problem is that the US Federal Government has been dipping into that cash reserve built-up for the baby-boomers, and now that the baby-boomers are starting to retire, the Feds can't put it back.

They have embezzled your retirement funds, and are looking for a way to shut Social Security down and erase the evidence of their crimes, while tricking you into thinking this is best for the nation, or at least that somehow this is all your own fault.

Why is the Congress debating borrowing more money at interest from a private bank that simply prints it up when the US Government has the legal right to create their own money free of interest charges?

Lincoln did it. Kennedy did it. Why won't Obama do it? Why?

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