Thursday, July 21, 2011

Airport body scanners to nix naked image

It isn't the naked part that worries us; it's the cancer! NIST has refuted TSA's claims that they are tested and safe. Both MIT and Johns Hopkins have published reports that these machines do damage DNA, and there is a reported cancer cluster emerging among TSA workers at Logan Airport in Boston.

I got to watch my mother wither away and die from cancer because cigarette executives maximized their profits by growing their tobacco in cheap mineral fertilizers that just happened to be radioactive. We know from that tragic period in American history that corporations put profits ahead of health and safety and the same is true of those who profit selling scanners to airports. They do not care if their customers get cancer any more than the cigarette makers did!

Here is another bit of history. In the 1930s and 1940s, shoe stores all had these fluoroscopes than you would use to see your feet inside the shoes. They were great sales tools, very profitable, and the US Surgeon General released educational films encouraging their use for proper shoe fit and foot health.

Then in the 1960s shoe store salesmen started dying of cancer, brought on by standing next to those machines day after day after day. The US Government that had encouraged their use (not to ,mention the manufacturers) threw their hands up in the air and said, "Hey, we didn't know!" just as they are now doing with the Terra hertz scanner machines.

I am too old to be shy. I could care less if you see me naked. (Trust me, it's not pretty!) But I do resent being dosed with cancer causing radiation just to make Michael Chertoff rich, just as I am certain my mother resented being dosed with cancer causing radiation just to make R. J. Reynolds rich!

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