Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to talk to an Obama supporter

The Gay Secretary

Obama only has 3 types of supporters

1 the delusional moron that ignores all of his actions and assumes no matter what that Obama is anti-war, transparent, and anti-corporatism because he has a D next to his name and because he said so in speeches.

2 The he's a black president and supporting him proves I'm not a racist/I am black and I just wanted black president and so no matter what he does I have to support him.

3 He's only been pretending to be a corporate shill and warmongering whore of wallstreet in order to stay in power....(if you are doing everything someone else wants then you aren't really in power)

4 The people who suddenly support wars, torture, spying, bailouts, the patriot act, and police abuse now that it is their brand that gets to do it. They never hated what Bush did only who was doing it.

Now you would think addressing number 1 would be easy enough, you simply list Obama's voting record as a senator and what he has done as president and that would be enough. Only it isn't. Like a religious nut no matter you say to them about how crazy and twisted their support is, they have an excuse for it.

Number 2 is a total lost cause of racist however the way to get through to them is to say yes Obama is the first black president do you really want history to record that the first black president bankrupted the united states and built up the next world war and created a police state?

Number 3 These people are also a lost cause. In the same breath that they excuse Obama for every crime he has done and lie he has told. They will be equally delusional about Ron Paul who has always told the truth, was right on the economy, and really did vote against all the wars, and say well he is just pretending to be good and will change as president where as the guy that does everything bad they say is only pretending to do so and will changes things...later.

Number 4 Once again its like talking to cult members. They have no morals or philosophy all they care about is the face associated with the brand.

So how can you talk to an Obama supporter? I have no idea. It's a bit like teaching a cat the alphabet. An doz of prevention is worth a lbs of cure. The best way to counter the Obama bots if to prevent people from ever joining them.

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