Thursday, June 9, 2011

And all of a sudden, I smell a big fat election-season rat!

The Gay Secretary

Anyone here really think that illegal drugs can be sent across the border into the US in regular mail without being detected? Packages get X-rayed, scanned, and sniffed. US Customs confiscated a green laser pointer I ordered from China. It just does not make sense that illegal drugs would flow across the borders from this "Silk Road" website without being detected and both sender and receiver arrested ... unless it is a covert operation. Remember, 1/4 of all computer criminals are working as FBI informants! So there is already a 25% chance this website is a government front.

What is the reason for this operation? Obama cannot run on the wars, the economy, Israel, or the Gulf Spill. But a scandal involving digital cash, the Tor not-so-anonymous network (created by the US Navy), an online illegal drugs supplier and one dumb kid dead of on overdose and Obama has an issue he can campaign on in 2012, and more to the point, justify intense government control of the internet, websites, anonymizers, online commerce, and of course the content of websites.

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