Monday, May 9, 2011

Get Ready: The Last Pleasant Way To Travel Is About To Be Hell

American Scofflaw

And then we'll have a no-ride list for buses. And, and, maybe a no-drive list for cars. Yeah, that's it!

And we'll use that GPS think we're gonna put on to tax the cars to stop the car if it drives someplace we don't think the driver should go, or not at all if we don't like him!

And walking! We'll have a no-walk list for terror suspects who refuses to use the planes, buses, and trains because after all, anyone who refuses to let the TSA grope their crotches simply must be hiding something! I KNOW, I KNOW! A no-clothing list!
You are not allowed to wear clothes if you are a terror suspect! And everyone, especially women aged 13 to 25, are suspects! Yeah, that'll work! And then we;ll add a no-work listm, and a no-toilet list, and a no-sex list, and a no breathing list

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