Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When the number of Americans who still trust the man can be counted on the fingers of just one hand of a very clumsy butcher

The Gay Secretary

Forget about the economy, the jobs, the crumbling infrastructure, the unwinnable wars, the slavery to Israel, oil in the gulf, radiation in the Pacific, that commie who was my real dad; I got space aliens for you! SPACE ALIENS! Oooooooo! Scary, scary scary space aliens! You gotta do what I say now or those space aliens will abduct you and probe your anus. Honest!

The net is being flooded with stories about space aliens and UFOs, just when the Obama administration is trying to rebuild the loyalty of Americans.

That the CIA planned to use a fake space alien invasion to try to trick the population of Earth into a global dictatorship ("for their own good" of course) is well known. Following the panic caused by Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds" Broadcast, the US Government began to study whether using such a device to scare the public into a specific political direction might be practical.

Under the code name Operation BARSOOM an isolated town in New Mexico was used as a test bed. The project managers covertly took control over the telephone wires leading in and out of the town, fakes shortwave radio broadcasts and jammed real shortwave signals to isolate the town.

Then the story of a space invasion was fed to the town population and the reactions studied. From this study it was concluded that a faked invasion of space aliens would prove a powerful tool to unite the Earth's population through terror and xenophobia.

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