Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When it became known that Israel had supplied Qaddafi with 50,000 mercenaries

The Gay Secretary

Obama threatens, he talks, he considers, he ponders, he consults, he declares, he discusses, but in the end he will do nothing. Israeli media is today confirming the story that Israel has sent hired mercenaries to Libya to support Qaddafi, and neither the United States nor Great Britain will ever stand up to Israel. They will stay back out of Libya while Israel tries to bring an end to the global revolt against the global bankers, while Obama preens in front of the cameras trying to pretend that the United States is still a nation that believes in democracy and the will of the people. But again, he will not actually do anything at all to challenge Israel's goal of keeping Qaddafi in power."

Now then, have you noticed how the US claims to be attacking Qaddafi, yet persists in actually killing the rebels and bombing civilian infrastructure?

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