Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The US needs the middle eastern oil to, well, conquer the middle east or Payback for AIPAC is gonna be a BITCH!

The Gay Secretary

Basically, OPEC set a trap for the United States and Obama walked right into it. And now decades of constant pandering to Israel are going to come back on us all with a vengeance.

At the very least, Obama has to know now that he cannot invade Iran, no matter how hard Israel screams for it, because OPEC is demonstrating that they will not cover the resulting oil shortfall.

The US needs the middle eastern oil to, well, conquer the middle east, and the OPEC nations have decided that this piecemeal war nonsense for Israel has gone on long enough. They dare not wait for Obama to get the replacement for the Deepwater Horizon well online and producing.

The US is weak, brought down by the corruption of the government, and hemorrhaging vast sums of money trying to buy its way out of the fraudulent mortgage-backed security scam. The Saudis realize that this is the opportune time to take revenge for the non-stop meddling and tinkering in Mideast affairs by the US.

The Us Government sold out the future of the country to please a foreign power. And now that the nation is a dried-out husk the parasites will discard us and seek a new host; Canada from all appearances.

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