Saturday, March 5, 2011

All that is missing are the armbands with Swastikas!

The Gay Secretary

I have heard this fro all over the USA. Ever since the Gestapo TSA guy got busted for helping to smuggle drugs (more Gestapo TSA luggage looters just got caught here in Honolulu) coupled with the failure to detect a real gun taken through the Gestapo TSA by a supervisor,

plus the Adam Savage Mythbuster incident, plus the harsh reality that the Gestapo TSA has never once in all its long years ever actually caught a real terrorist, the Gestapo TSA has decided to deter a possible traveler revolt by turning up the asshole factor into total warp drive mode.

Bullying innocent people into submission is now the official US Government policy (and Michael Chertoff, who is getting rich on all this, is laughing his head off at you all).

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