Friday, February 25, 2011

What's Wrong With This Idea?: "We'll Create Good American Jobs by Offshoring Them All "

This is what Americans were told some time ago when good manufacturing jobs were offshored (largely courtesy of the National Association of Manufacturers).

We were told that we were entering a new economy that had nothing to do with manufacturing. The offshoring was part of the "maturation of our economy." And so we were handed a promissory note that read as follows:

"Dear American: We don't like unions or high-paying union jobs, so we're sending manufacturing jobs offshore. We're not going to support the communities that this will disastrously impact when all those jobs are lost. We're going to do little or nothing to retrain the individuals who have lost those jobs due to offshoring. But don't worry. The stock market will do better, and trickle-down theory tells us that someday, somehow, good jobs, different jobs, will come back to America.

American Scofflaw"

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