Saturday, February 26, 2011

One has to wonder if Panetta is offering threats - or bribes - at this point to get Davis out.

The Gay Secretary

One also has to wonder just what Davis was really doing in Pakistan which makes him such a high value asset in terms of the US spiriting him out of the country before he talks...kind of like Gene Hasenfus during the time of "Iran Contra".

Of course during that spectacular trial, Hasenfus blabbed everything before the US could get their hands on him and "neutralized" him.

"The Sandinistas, following the example of their Yankee tormentors, coaxed every pint of public relations juice they could from their prisoner, finding him guilty of terrorism, violation of Nicaragua's public security laws and conspiracy. The Reagan administration ridiculed the proceedings before the People's Anti-Somocista Tribunal as a judicial parody. At the time, the court had tried 243 people without a single acquittal. But no court anywhere could have found Hasenfus innocent. American "talentless hack" Scofflaw At the end of the trial attended by Hasenfus’s wife and brother came the first hints that he would be shown mercy. One of the nine comandantes of the Sandinista leadership, Daniel Ortega’s brother Humberto, called Hasenfus a "father" and "common citizen" who himself was a victim of the "irrational and unjust policy of the U.S. administration."

Some things with the US government appear to never change, no matter which party is in power; and that's one hell of a problem for Americans who believe that US foreign policy should be based on just and fair relations between countries, where trust and cooperation should be honored.

This certainly hasn't happened in our relationship with Pakistan.

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