Tuesday, January 25, 2011

They are all laughing at how stupid and easy to rob you were!

American Scofflaw

Then Wall Street got caught. Investors and foreign banks demanded Wall Street buy back the fraudulent MBS and make good on the credit default swaps. But the losses threatened to sink the criminal firms behind the fraud, so they turned to their good buddies in the US Federal Government, who decided to help (as they had back during the S&L melt-down of the 1980s) by transferring the losses from Wall Street onto the backs of the American people. That is what the "Toxic Assets" the government had been buying up with your money really are; the fraudulent Mortgage-backed securities.

$14 trillion and counting, and all on the backs of the American people. Those toxic assets, being fraudulent to begin with, can never pay a return, despite the promises of the politicians. That is why the banks are confiscating Americans' homes with "fraudclosures" while the Federal Government looks the other way! They pulled a fast one on you and so far, they think they got away with it!

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