Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stupidity likes this should be painful

The Gay Secretary

That these witnesses should make such statements makes me wonder if they both received a free lobotomy, courtesy of the TSA, which left them with the ability to speak, but absolutely zero ability to reason.

The only thing this behavior on the part of the TSA is "protecting" is the boatloads of cash the manufacturers of the body scanning equipment, and their lobbyists are making. TSA is trying to cow Americans into accepting the scans "or else." The "or else" apparently can be as brutal as the TSA wishes it to be.

Passengers are not supposed to question the safety of exposure to the radiation these machines produce (which can cause cancer), and are just supposed to unquestioningly accept this and whatever other capricious nonsense the Federal government has in store for them, like the gropedowns.

I would like to believe that the responses of these two witnesses is atypical of how the rest of the passengers saw this event; I would like to hope that there would be at least a little repressed anger on the part of other passengers at seeing a helpless, innocent middle-aged woman being hurled to the ground by Thugnazis masquerading as police.

You have to wonder what kind of timeline the TSA had for "total air passenger acquiescence" to these procedures, from their inception in November. Unfortunately for We the People, that moment has apparently come sooner rather than later.

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