Monday, January 17, 2011

Have patience. Time is on the side of the people.

The Gay Secretary

This intense focus on groping and 'cancerizing' Americans betrays a fact of life. The US Government is not afraid of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Deadforawhile. The US Government is terrified of you, the American people. They are trying to compensate for that fear by being a bully and trying to make you afraid of them.

The US Government is afraid of 300 million Americans, driven to the point of insanity by repression, understanding that the banks and government have created their starvation, homelessness, and privations, able to walk into banks, courts, government buildings, and tax offices, armed with ceramic knives that cannot be detected by current technology.

So the checkpoints are going up, and therein lies the eventual doom of the government.

States with intense internal controls on their people cannot compete economically with nations whose governments trust their population. That was one reason the USSR was never able to compete with the USA of that era. It is why the USA of today is rapidly falling behind other nations.

DHS and TSA are intentionally destroying this nation, because a nation under lock-down is a nation that cannot function, and cannot compete in a free world. The US Government has already lost. They are doomed, not from some mythical terror threat or from the American people, but by their own hand and their own greed and ineptitude. They simply refuse to see it. Addicts are like that.

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