Sunday, January 9, 2011

Had just one person in that crowd been carrying a firearm..

The Gay Secretary

DHS also serves to make boatloads of cash for lobbyists like those in the Chertoff Group, and those companies making the full body scanners.

Yesterday's terrible tragedy in Tucson will, no doubt, be used by DHS and the TSA as an excuse for even more draconian measures to be proscribed against the American people, to the point where the Constitution and Bill of Rights will no longer exist, in terms of the practical realities of the lives of law-abiding, hard-working US citizens.

But if there is a lesson to be learned from yesterday's tragedy, it is that DHS and TSA have absolutely failed to prevent this attack. They are a complete waste of taxpayer money, and should be disbanded, if for no other reason, than the terrible damage they have inflicted on our tourism industry, and the legacy of cancers which will be endured by airport workers exposed to the radiation from the scanners.

The police did not prevent this attack. The FBI did not prevent this attack. The United States Secret Service did not prevent this attack. They couldn't; they were not there. They are never there when the attacks actually occur. Only the victims are there and the victims must be allowed the means and right to defend themselves. The gun control advocates, already dancing on Gabrielle Giffords' hospital bed, fail to understand a simple fact: had just one person in that crowd been carrying a firearm, lives would have been saved.

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