Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yes Virginia, there really are monsters, but they make it look like it was the homeowners' own fault.

The Gay Secretary

In order to prevent the banks from collapsing when they were forced to buy back the fraudulent mortgage-backed securities from Europe, the deliberate decision was made by the US Government to allow the banks to seize private American homes to preserve their capital structure. But the US Government could not just grab homes the way Roosevelt had grabbed gold. Even the TV-numbed American people would have awakened at that and hanged the politicians from the streetlights. So the US Government and the bankers needed to find a way to allow the banks to grab the property, but make it look like it was the homeowners' own fault.

But homeowners are daring to fight back, and that just cannot be allowed, in the view of Wall Street!

Yes Virginia, there really are monsters, and they wear Armani jackets and Rolex watches and they gaze into their mirrors and admire the reflections of incarnate gods, to whom we mere mortals are but tokens in the great game of global greed.

We shall have no more debate about a civil war. It is already upon us! Millions of Americans have been driven from their homes by the invaders; not with guns and bayonets but with pens and papers and corrupted law. The American victims of this war already wander the desolate byways of this land, outcast from their own friends and families, made as destitute and hopeless as any refugee fleeing any tyrant in history. The war for America is already at your front door. What will you do?

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