Thursday, November 18, 2010

Will YOU consent to the naked body scans at airports still after learning that the Underwear Bomber incident was staged to bring the scanners in?

Witnesses saw both the allowance of this "bomber" to bypass security measures and he was also filmed during much of the flight. Experts suggest that he was told that his actions were part of a security test.

Why do "terrorists" always get around the security measures and checks while us citizens have to be humiliated, exposed to foot fungus, and harassed at airports by glorified rent-a-cops?

Why did the government change its story so many times, which is SO common in these supposed "terrorist" attacks?

The scanners would not have stopped the Christmas Crotch Bomber because witnesses reported that the man was allowed to bypass security and was escorted onto the plane by an unnamed official.

It should be recalled that the security at the gate in Schiphol was run by ICTS, the same Israeli security company at the gate in Paris where the "Shoe Bomber" boarded his plane, and the same Israeli company in charge of every gate used by the 9-11 hijackers.

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