Saturday, November 27, 2010

War with North Korea and China, anyone???

American Scofflaw

North Korean leadership may be many things, but they are not foolish.

They understand, with absolute clarity, that the US is getting ready to launch a war against both North Korea and China, using the US's client state, South Korea, to begin the provocations, as it did last week.

The reasons?!?

1. At the last G20, China refused to revalue their currency on America's demands that they do so.

2. It is impossible for the US to pay back the trillions of dollars it has borrowed from China to finance its immoral and illegal wars around the world.

3. China and Russia have just dumped the dollar as a medium of exchange in business transactions.

1 comment:

wayne fontes said...

And S Korea's motivation to start a shooting war would be what exactly?

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