Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to beat the TSA screening...I did it today.

American Scofflaw

Really simple. Stand in line behind the hottest women you can find...they will always get pulled and you get to move to the metal detector. I did this yesterday at PVD. Saw two gorgeous 20yr olds, so I moved into there line.

Both of them were complaining to each other that they thought it was strange they always have to go thru them - and like clockwork they got pulled - had to strip down to their tshirts...and went in the machine...since that was busy they directed me without a thought to the metal detectors.

I've been watching this on FB & thought it was much to do about nothing -I was wrong Reddit & I apologize...this whole TSA thing is complete bullshit.

But someone is making BIIG $$$$. Guess who???

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