Wednesday, November 24, 2010're under arrest and your an idiot and we're going to rape you...We're TSA

American Scofflaw

Since the TSA ramped up their security measures in late October, American citizens have been subjected to the toxic naked body scanners as well as molestation at the hands of low IQ thugs. Contrary to what Janet Napolitano has publicly stated, the scanners do contain harmful radiation as outlined by numerous scientists. People such as Michael Chertoff have pushed the scanners while at the same time having huge financial holdings in the very companies that stand to make billions off of implementing them worldwide.

As if the scanners weren’t bad enough, citizens who refuse the radiation are being subjected to intrusive and sometimes illegal searches. Six year old boys have been undressed and searched as terrorists, women have had their prosthetic breasts removed, urine bags have been broken, passengers have been arrested for opting out, and attractive women have been singled out for full body searches.

To add insult to injury, the TSA is actually running a blog that attempts to debunk the public outcry against their illegal acts. The blogs are written in a sarcastic tune in a way that implies that citizens who fight against their abuse will not only be arrested but will also be made fun of on an official agency blog.

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