Monday, October 4, 2010

Video Report of Mexican Pirates Chasing American Pro Bass Fisherman In American Waters

We have all read the reports about the Somali pirates taking merchant ships and oil tankers in the Gulf of Aden and now even Thai fishermen in the Indian Ocean to hold for ransom. Well it would seem that such pirate activity is something that could only happen in lawless places like Somalia. However, right here in America many citizens of this country are now under assault from pirates who are operating with virtual impunity as they steal cash and electronics from Americans just wanting to fish on Falcon Lake between the American and Mexican border.

All along America's Southern border, we are having to deal with the results of our inability to stem the flow of illegal immigration. From the ecological disaster created by illegals in the Sonoran desert, to the murder of an American rancher in Arizona, our Southern border is under assault from Mexico. Now there are even reports of American fishermen being stalked by pirates on an international Lake created by when they dammed the waters of the Rio Grande River.

In 1965 when the Falcon State Park opened up the reservoir for fishing there was never a second thought as to whether or not pirating would become an issue on the Lake. Fact is, for the last 45 years, anglers have been coming from all corners of the world to fish for record sized bass in what several Elite Pro Bass fishermen consider "the best bass fishing lake in the world," All these years anglers have fishing the waters of Falcon Lake with out trouble. Unfortunately, America does not have the kind of leadership it did in 1965 when they opened the Park to the public. Lately, the bass are not the only ones dodging danger and fearing for their lives.

The danger that I speak of is the one caused by the Mexican Government's inability to control the Zeta Drug Cartel that controls the Mexican side of Falcon Lake. Brandishing assault weapons like AK-47's and machine guns, Mexico's deadliest cartel has been harassing fishermen who may inadvertently wonder past the buoys marking the international boundaries. When they spot the fisherman, they will pursue them even into American waters until the fisherman are forced to ground their boat onto the American shoreline as, professional Bass Fisherman Richard Drake tells the reporter in this video.

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