Monday, October 25, 2010

Top Ten Signs You’re Still Suffering From Mis-Education

The Gay Secretary
  1. You think the Federal Reserve is “federal” and/or it is a “reserve” of money
  2. You think any former CIA officer in the media is really “former” or is telling the truth
  3. You think anybody allowed to speak repeatedly (twice) in the major media is telling the truth about anything important — politics, business, medicine, food, etc.
  4. You think the words “semite” and “semitic” equal “Jew” and “Jewish”
  5. You think the president of the USA is the most powerful person in the world
  6. You think Americans are the most powerful bankers in the world
  7. You think the top headquarters of our worst enemy is in Israel
  8. You think the top headquarters of our worst enemy is in the USA
  9. You think the USA ever won full independence from London
  10. You think there’s no hope of creating a true, honest, open, Constitutional democracy in the USA

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