Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This woman which scare the stuffing out of me

The Gay Secretary

There are many things about this woman which scare the stuffing out of me, the lack of any nascent geopolitical awareness whatsoever being one of them.

To date, because Iran is a signatory to the NNPT, the IAEA inspections have revealed no diverted nuclear material, nor any nuclear weapons program in which the Iranians are engaging.

Israel, on the other hand, does have nuclear weapons, but refuses to become a signatory to the NNPT.

The religious analogy is disturbing on many levels, but principally that of the fact that Sarah Palin appears to be a theological Dominionist, as reported here:

"The Committee on National Policy is a vital link between multi-billion dollar defense contractors, Washington lobbyists like the convicted felon and Republican fundraiser, Jack Abramoff, and the Christian Right. It’s at the heart of a new axis between right-wing military politics, support for the Pentagon war agenda globally and the neo-conservative political control of much of US foreign and defense policy."

"Sarah Palin it appears now, was chosen very carefully as she comes out of the very fundamentalist evangelical circles that the CNP uses to mobilize and shape America’s political agenda."

One has to wonder if that Armageddon is precisely the outcome Palin would like to see in order to usher in the "second coming".

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