Thursday, October 7, 2010

The orange feather existed for no other reason than to be plucked

American Scofflaw

Coco Chanel, before she became famous for perfumes, was a milliner. She made hats for the finest French High Society women. And Coco knew that her clients would never accept her hat designs without wanting to "tinker" to prove who was in charge.

So, before showing her hats to her clients, Coco would stick a bright orange feather into the middle of the hat. The client would come in and marvel at the hat, then explain that the orange feather just did not look right. Coco would smile and remove the offending feather and deliver the hat.

The client was happy for having control over the design while Coco was happy because the hat was being worn as she intended it to be. In other words, the orange feather existed for no other reason than to be removed to make the client happy. It did not actually change anything.

So, we come to this bill, H.R. 3808, which sailed through Congress without any debate at all, clearly an onerous piece of abusive legislation that did indeed arouse the public anger... as it may have been planned to do.

Because now Obama has, just before the election, a bright orange feather he can pluck out and discard before the eyes of the voting public, to reassure the gullible that they have the "semblance" of control of what goes on.

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