Thursday, October 14, 2010

A freeze is not enough

The Gay Secretary

The homes which were taken from their owners through fraud must be restored immediately. The trillions in dollars looted from Americans through housing prices artificially inflated to increase banks' profits must be refunded at once.

And even that is not enough. The banks at the heart of this fraud are for the most part the same banks who were saved from their own greed and recklessness by trillions in taxpayer dollars.

These banks then turned around and looted those very same taxpayers, stealing their homes through fraud. I cannot think of a more onerous act by a banking industry that betrayed the public by stealing their homes through fraud, then demanding a second bailout, only to turn around and pay themselves Christmas bonuses amounting to 8% of the total cash supply in America!

The scandal of Foreclosuregate isn't that the mortgages and foreclosures are a fraud, but that the entire Federal Reserve Sytsem is a fraud!

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