Friday, September 3, 2010

Clues from Massachusetts.

By Josh Mitteldorf

Since the stolen presidential election of 2004, Jonathan Simon has been at the forefront of analysis and research into election fraud in America. Yesterday, Simon published the result of his inquiry into the special election last January in which Ted Kennedy's Senate seat (from the nation's most solidly Democratic state) was offered up by the Democrats to a Tea Party Republican.

This was an election with crucial national significance. The Democrats had exactly the 60-vote margin in the Senate needed to push through Obama's health care initiative over united Republican obstruction. Ted Kennedy had been a lifelong champion of that legislation, and his was widely regarded as a safe Democratic seat. State Attorney General Martha Coakley was supposed to be a shoo-in.

But Coakley campaigned half-heartedly -- some would say incompetently. The RNC shoveled money into the race. A media campaign before the election proclaimed that challenger Scott Brown was unexpectedly competitive.

Most inexplicably -- perhaps this is the biggest clue -- Coakley conceded the race at midnight, with a quarter of the votes still uncounted.

So this was a curious election in a number of ways, even if you base your view on the story as reported by the mainstream. But there remains a crucial unreported story, which Simon addresses: Were the votes properly counted? Simon gives us good cause to believe that more voters chose Coakley than Brown last January.

The only proof of a stolen election would be to re-count the votes, or to examine software the scanning machines that were used to tabulate 97% of the votes that day. Simon recounts efforts by the Election Defense Alliance to get this evidence from the State, and the State's determination to seal both the paper ballots and the counting process from public scrutiny.

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