Friday, August 6, 2010

There are two gorillas in the living room, sitting on the Steinway, with regard to this issue

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What is really terrifying about the growing threat of war, is that Obama desperately needs "the mother of all distractions" to misdirect the anger of the American people (reaching a boiling point right now due to a gasping economy, two failed wars, and the disastrous outcomes of ill-conceived domestic and foreign policies) at some outside source.

And to those working in the bowels of the White House, Pentagon, or State Department who might, occasionally lurk on this sight, I would offer a very dark cautionary note; it is eminently possible that the US and/or Israel, could lose this one, and in a hugely catastrophic manner

There are two gorillas in the living room, sitting on the Steinway, with regard to the issue of an attack against Iran, and they are Russia and China.

China right now is Iran's #1 trading partner, particularly in terms of energy. And even though Russian/Iranian relations have taken a bit of a chill since Russia voted for sanctions at the UN Security Council, and has yet refused to deliver the defensive aircraft, a military attack against Iran could change that equation in short order.

Both China and Russia are nuclear-armed powers; their decision to support Iran in the event of a military attack against it could well spark World War III.

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