Monday, August 16, 2010

I think it is a staged fake

The White House photo showing Obama and his daughter in the water shows blue water, yet the Google Map Image of Alligator point clearly shows Algae-infused green water everywhere, everywhere except this obviously blue pool of water located on a Navy facility at Alligator point.

Next point. Another storm just went through the gulf. The surf conditions should be high. Surf at Panama City Beach, actually on the gulf near where Obama took his supposed dip, has been reporting one foot swells all weekend. The water in the photo of Obama is rippled, but there is no sign of one foot waves or swell!

Is this another fake? Maybe. Looks like it. Could well be. And if they did stage this photo in a pool rather than actually go into the Gulf waters, it may signal that conditions in the gulf are worse than we think.

However, the main point here is public trust in the government. The US Government and Obama have lied to us all so many times that nobody dares accept anything they say at face value any longer. Obama could even be telling the truth and the photo be genuine, but who wants to risk being made a fool of yet again! Presidents lie, and that is a fact!

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