Monday, July 12, 2010

US attack on Iran a matter of time

The Gay Secretary

I frankly don't believe that the US and Israel are really going to wait for the sanctions to truly take effect.

Obama is facing a midterm election which could go very south for the Democrats, and desperately needs the "mother of all distractions from a lousy economy, two failing wars, and his abject failure to keep any of the campaign promises he made.

Likewise, Israel desperately needs a distraction from its deliberate failure to achieve any just peace with the Palestinians, and it's rapid annexation of Jerusalem and the West Bank.

My sense is that Obama will cynically time such an attack at the point where he believes it will best boost the Democrat's control of the House and Senate, taking the "way too soft on Iran" Republican accusations against him off the table as an election issue.

We may well have a whole new meaning to the phrase "October Surprise" in the works.

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