Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some kind of "false flag" operation to be blamed on the North Koreans

American Scofflaw

Folks, nobody attacks a fleet carrying out a training exercise, certainly not with such an expensive and rare item as a nuclear weapon.

Why would North Korea commit an act of war when war is what thy wish to avoid? This story just does not make any sense, except as part of a drumbeat to justify restarting the Korean war.

The North Korean leadership is many things, but....suicidal?!?

I think not.

That being said, I have to wonder whether or not the US is being set up by its own desperate government, saddled with an unrepayable national debt, two wars (going very badly), staggering unemployment, the Gulf oil catastrophe, and totally failing foreign and domestic policies, for some kind of "false flag" operation to be blamed on the North Koreans.

This being an election year, the Obama administration desperately needs "the mother of all distractions" to attempt to keep the American people from focusing on all that has gone so wretchedly wrong under this administration's watch.

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