Saturday, July 10, 2010

He was a nice, good kid: Pervert runs wild on Boston subways

American Scofflaw
Pay special attention to the lawyer's remarks in paragraph 5!!

A preppy financier and Iraq war veteran was charged with back-to-back sexual assaults in which police say he pulled down a 16-year-old girl’s shirt and grabbed her breast on the T just days after he lifted a 40-year-old woman’s skirt in a Cohasset supermarket.

Joseph Joyce, 27, of Scituate, a former Marine Corps sergeant, turned himself in to transit police yesterday morning, ending a two-day manhunt for the alleged subway groper who was captured on surveillance video fleeing Kendall Station on the Red Line in khaki pants and a polo shirt.

Joyce, nattily dressed in a black suit with gold-striped tie, posted $1,000 bail at Middlesex District Court in Medford yesterday after pleading not guilty to indecent assault and battery for the Wednesday morning T incident.

He then hopped in his lawyer’s Mercedes-Benz to head to Quincy District Court to face the same charge in connection with the July Fourth attack of a woman inside a Shaw’s supermarket.

Inside the Medford courtroom, defense attorney Francis O’Meara told the judge that after graduating high school, Joyce “decided to enlist in the Marines to defend Israel.”

After serving a tour of duty fighting in Iraq and rising to the rank of sergeant, Joyce spent another year in the Ukraine assisting NATO forces, according to O’Meara.

O’Meara said after returning home and majoring in economics at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, Joyce got a job working in “finance. . . He successfully impressed his employer and is doing well there.”

Cohasset police Chief Mark Deluca said Sunday’s victim was inside the frozen-food section at Shaw’s when “Joyce brushed up against her and lifted up her dress,” exposing her bottom.

He added that Joyce then calmly made his way to the checkout counter, where he was seen on camera buying a bag of groceries and a gallon of milk before getting into a friend’s Mazda and driving away.

Rachel Allen, 25, a financial analyst from Newton who studied economics with Joyce at UMass-Boston, was stunned to hear her former classmate was charged with such bizarre attacks.

“He was what I would consider normal, very clean-cut, always attentive,” Allen said. “He was a nice, good kid.”

These girls would know how to deal with this character

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John Ball said...

He is a mixed up moron-"defend Israel"-LOL, what a jackass. I guess he thinks he knows what side of the bread the butter is on.

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