Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Of course Russia is going to Deny Spying

The Gay Secretary

Of course Russia is going to deny spying, just as Israel did in 2001 and in the AIPAC spy case. But the Israeli spies were actually caught spying, in possession of classified documents, feeding false information into the Pentagon, and dancing while the World Trade Towers fell.

In contrast the accusations against the Russians are rather vague. We are told they were looking at gold trading, something that is actually legal to do.

As I pointed out yesterday this story feels weird and it looks like Obama wanted to put Russia on the defensive, which means that whatever Obama and Medvedev talked about in their meeting, it did not go well for Obama.

Looks as though Obama didn't get what he wanted in that meeting with Medvedev (a clear "understanding" about an impending US/Israeli attack against Iran, perhaps?), and this is his churlish attempt at payback.

This is Obama's bitch-slap back at Medvedev!

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