Thursday, June 10, 2010

Maybe one should not be as concened with an exit strategy for their holdings in Gold. Perhaps one needs to be concerned with an exit strategy, PERIOD.

American Scofflaw
The United States was not the only country that confiscated Gold in 1933

Nazi Germany did the very same thing. Not only was it successful, the penalty for trading for goods and services in Gold and Silver was merely DEATH.

If you do not believe that it can happen here...well...IT CAN.

Thirty percent of the population in this country today are supporting the current administration's policies, which are questionable, without question and in total devotion. The Murdoch propaganda machine is working so well in this country that Goebbels would be proud.

Post World War I Germany, after the bout of economic upheaval and hyperinflation, did not collapse and turn into a bunch of small community fortresses that were staving off the armed thugs holding the badges of a post World War I Weimar Republic government. No, that did not happen. What did happen was that the Nazi Party seized power and created the ruthless Third Reich regime in 1933.

Either their public supported it, the new Nazi regime, or, the elements that did not, were subsequently "disposed". Hitler came to power because he had the support of the powerful large, industrial giants (that Germany had), in congruence with the support of a loyal, devoted core of a minority of the population. Yes, even in the hyperinflationary and uncertain economic times, the industrial giants, such as Fokker, Mercedes, Bayer, and many others subscribed to the ideology of the Third Reich, thrived, and held the real power. The majority of the German population were powerless to do anything about their fate at this point.

Let's look at the current United States. The power is held by the current industrial giants whom lobby Washington toward making favorable laws so that they can thrive at the expense of the working class. The neoconservative movement has gained power and momentum throughout the post WW II era. The fifth column, the Murdoch propaganda machine, is already set in place and has a great influence over the masses. Now let's add in a little hyperinflation and economic uncertainty into the mix so the time will be ripe for an ultimate overthrow with a 30% population core support of the new dictatorial regime. What a recipe...for disaster.

Do you really believe that it cannot happen here? Do you really believe that the United States will collapse from within, in a scenario that has the government powerless, unable to do anything about it? Maybe the current form of government will be overthrown. But in that case a ruthless dictatorship will seize power in its place.

If the scenario that I have painted occurs, then, before the point when that occurs, the only thing that Gold and Silver are going to be good for is to provide funds for an escape out of this country and relocation to Argentina, or Australia, or New Zealand perhaps? Because once the government announces the confiscation of Gold and Silver the doors for escape will have already been closed. It will be too late. The borders will be locked down and anyone attempting to leave this "new" country will be searched and their wealth seized, BY LAW, of course.

History has a nasty habit of repeating itself because humans fail to learn the lessons taught by History.

So do you think that it cannot happen? Well that is what happened in 1933 Germany. Why would you think that we are so special that it cannot happen here in the United States? Maybe one should not be as concened with an exit strategy for their holdings in Gold. Perhaps one needs to be concerned with an exit strategy, PERIOD.

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