Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Funny beating happened on the way to the Airport

The Gay Secretary
"ידידנו" במזרח התיכון?
ישראל התייחסו עובדי סיוע אמריקני.

"Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, DAMMIT! Now I am stuck with the oil leak and the @#$%ing Israelis killing an American! " -- President Obama and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel

A leading Irish activist seized by Israeli authorities tonight revealed he was assaulted in custody while three others were
severely beaten.

Dr Fintan Lane described how he feared for his life when soldiers hijacked their aid ship en route to Gaza and took those on board into captivity.

The 43-year-old historian maintained several passengers, including Libyan-Irishman Isam Bin Ali, remain unaccounted for.

“No one I’ve spoken to knows where these people are, it is very worrying,” he added.

Irishman Fiachra O Luain was injured when a row broke out with Israeli authorities in an area where about 400 detainees were being held at Ben Gurion.

Dr Lane, who is expected home in Dublin tomorrow, revealed Mr O Luain was beaten so badly he went to hospital for tests.

Al Mahdi Al Harati, a father-of-four originally from Libya, was also stretchered away after suffering a diabetes-related seizure on a flight to Turkey.

Dr Lane said Ken O’Keefe, an Irish-American passenger, was beaten by security officials at Tel Aviv airport before boarding.

“His injuries were so bad that he had to be hospitalised in Tel Aviv. The Israelis are claiming this delay in his repatriation is for technical reasons, yet another Israeli lie,” he added.

The group were among hundreds of people detained by authorities and released under massive international pressure following the deadly military-led action on the aid flotilla.

Nine people were killed in the attack.

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