Thursday, May 27, 2010

John Kerry Says Voter Anger at Washington Is Hypocritical

The Gay Secretary

Memo to Senator Kerry: I have rarely seen such a completely out-of-touch, mischaracterization of the current sentiment in this country.

Taxation without representation were the watchwords of the American Revolution.

But what we are seeing happen in Congress, in terms of most Congressional representatives having become "acquisitions" of the major corporations (particularly concerning the large defense companies), is just that circumstance happening again.

The only perspective of most Congressional members toward the citizens they allegedly represent appears to be as a (theoretically unending) supply of tax money, to be tapped cavalierly without ever having to balance the Federal government, or rein in government spending in any meaningful way.

Without these insane and immoral wars without end and their costs, which thinking US citizens do not support (plus the 3 billion the US government coughs up - illegally - for Israel every year), there would be money left for the social security and medicare for which American workers have theoretically paid their entire working lives, but will not be getting, because this government is broke.

Without these wars, there would be money to mend infrastructure, highways, bridges, schools, and hospitals

It is obvious that this is a man who has never in his life had to make payroll, keep employees employed during tough times, had his credit line pulled by a a bank through no fault of his own (just because the bank reserves were thin), or found his good-paying job outsourced, leaving him with no way to support a family or pay his mortgage.

Those issues, coupled with the fact that we are dealing with a Federal government which has spent itself nearly into bankruptcy, are the reasons why Americans are legitimately angry at this government. The anger here is not hypocritical; it is completely logical, and Senator Kerry understands, at some level, that these concerns are true.

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