Monday, April 19, 2010

Gates Memo Sought ‘Military Options’ Against Iran

די פריילעך סעקרעטאַרי

Netanyahu knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the US and Israel cannot get sanctions from the UN; Russia and China will block this.

So the only thing left is multilateral sanctions, which will inevitably lead to war.

Of course, should Russia and China, both nuclear armed countries, decide to join the fray on the side of Iran, those "unintended consequences" Mike Mullen discussed might well come to ugly fruition.

Of course, Israeli leadership doesn't care if the US were to become totally devastated as a consequence of initating an attack against Iran.

If the US and/or Israel go ahead with this attack against a member of the NNPT which is doing nothing to violate their right to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes, here will be the consequences:

A regional confrontation may well go global, with Russia and China joining the fray to defend Iran.

If we somehow dodge the bullet of a global confrontation, it will make all other members of the NNPT realize that membership is no guarantee against being attacked by the US, and will withdraw their membership immediately, realizing that it is of no use or protection at all.

There will be a mad, global scramble for acquisitions of nuclear weapons as deterrents, because an attack against Iran will have absolutely have impressed upon these nations as to what happens to countries which do not have nuclear weapons, and are attempting to develop their nuclear capabilities by the book.

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