Thursday, March 18, 2010


The Gay Secretary

The story of the new document that proves the White House directly intervened in the 9-11 investigation proves that Israel is still holding the truth of 9-11 over the US Government's head, in order to blackmail the US Government into doing Israel's bidding. The story about bunker-busters being shipped to Diego Garcia suggests that the US is doing as it is told and is preparing to attack Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons by which we mean the power stations and medical isotope facilities.

But, Israel is afraid of being seen as the cause for the US attack. Abe Foxman is already out bloviating that Israel has never, EVER, asked Americans to fight Israel's wars for them. Technically, he is correct. Israel tricks the US into making war on Israel's enemies (see The Lavon Affair, the attack on the USS Liberty, and the fake radio transmitter in Tripoli as examples).

So, in order to forestall retaliation by Iran or its allies against Israel, Israel has decided to appear to be separating from the US politically, so that when the US sends the bombers into Iran to smash the place, Israel can say, "Who? Us!?!"

Of course, this deception won't fool Iran or any other world leader, but no doubt when Iran does counter attack through our troops in Iraq to get to Israel, no doubt ABCNNBBCBS will scream that Iran is attacking Israel 'without just cause' in order to urge escalation into a full blown WW3.

Because I do not think for a moment Israel would allow the US the slightest chance to break free of the chains Israel worked so hard to place on our politicians.

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