Thursday, February 11, 2010

We are now a nuclear state, is a BOGUS site

The Gay Secretary
is a bogus site!!!!

A lookup reveals that that domain (supposedly an Iranian opposition website) is registered by Domains by Proxy, Inc. at

A lookup for (Ms. Rita Katz' website), reveals that that domain is registered by ....

... Domains by Proxy, Inc. at !

It's a small world huh.

Domains by Proxy, Inc. exists solely to allow intelligence operators to create untraceable websites. This is actually a violation of the ICANN rules which require full identification of website owners. Website domains can and have been cancelled for incomplete identification. So it hardly comes as a surprise that a cut-out has been created to allow nefarious operators to create bogus "Muslim" websites.

After all, would a real opposition group need to conceal their identity?

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