Thursday, February 18, 2010

Plane crashes into Northwest Austin building

American Scofflaw

"Yes-sirree bob; that building's gonna come right down into its own footprint just like the World Trade Towers. Got a plane strike, fire, yep, any second that's gonna come right down. Any second. Gonna fall. Any second. Any second now. I forget, did a plane hit the WTC-7 building? No? Odd. Anyway, this here building will come right down into its own footprint any moment now. Really. Any moment."

UPDATE: The TV news is (surprisingly) confirming reports we got in the email earlier today that the plane crash was an intentional suicide attack on the offices of the IRS located in that building.

I say surprising because normally when IRS offices are burned or vandalized it is not reported lest it give the people "bad ideas."

But the latest report I have is that the IRS was seizing this guy's home, so he burned it down rather than let the government have it, then flew his plane into the IRS offices.

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