Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cop “Jokes” About Murdering Armed Citizens

American Scofflaw
I had exactly this problem yesterday morning on my commuter rail train platform when I refused an unconstitutional random bag inspection by transit police.

by William Grigg

Rod Tuason apparently suffers from a personality disorder common to professional bullies — a tendency to think that bullying behavior is hilarious. This could explain why Tuason, a detective with the East Palo Alto Police Department, used his Facebook page to suggest that police should shoot “open carry” advocates who carry firearms in public.

East Palo Alto Mayor David E. Woods told a local TV station that while he disapproved of Tuason’s comments, he is “concerned — although it’s legal — about people walking around with firearms.”

What Woods means, of course, is that he’s concerned about law-abiding private citizens exercising the innate individual right to armed self-defense, rather than the fact that the community he represents plays host to scores of armed people employed as enforcers by the political caste.

Some might say that Tuason, who appears to be an aspiring stand-up comedian, should keep his day job. In fact, he should quit that job and find honest work.

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