Thursday, December 17, 2009

Despite Sense of Entitlement, US Companies Lose Iraq Oil Auctions

The Gay Secretary

I'm sure that folks like T. Boone Pickens were assured, behind the closed doors in the Bush/Cheney era, that they would get the rights to most of the oil in Iraq.

That is the only factor which can account for the absolute, self-aggrandizing arrogance of Pickens' statement that "...we're entitled to it."

One has to wonder just how many of Picken's relatives were on the ground during combat operations in Iraq. I would be willing to bet; absolutely none.

But I want every family member of every US solder who fought, died, or got maimed for life to understand just what the objective of this war and occupation truly was; control over Iraq's oil.

This was about private companies profiting from the blood and money spent on the invasion and occupation of Iraq to obtain its oil.

And now, it appears that is absolutely not going to happen.

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