Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cap and Trade Is a Massive Energy Tax.

American Scofflaw

Cap and Trade Top Ten List

  • Cap and Trade Is a Massive Energy Tax.
  • It Will Not Make A Substantive Impact on the Environment.
  • It Will Kill Jobs.
  • It Will Cause Electricity Bills and Gas Prices to Sharply Increase
  • It Will Outsource Manufacturing Jobs and Hurt Free Trade
  • It Will Make You Choose Between Energy, Groceries, Clothing, and Haircuts
  • It Will Be Highly Susceptible to Fraud and Corruption
  • It Will Hurt Senior Citizens, the Poor, and the Unemployed the Worst.
  • It Will Cost American Families Over $3,000 a Year.
  • President Obama Admitted "Electricity Rates Would Necessarily Skyrocket" under a cap-and-trade program (January 2008)

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