Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Banker Scofflaws Play with Interest Rates and Inflation at Your Expense

American Scofflaw

Something to keep in mind: We The People include people who hunt for food, or have served in combat.

Bankers, well, they play with paper.

The Bankers may impress themselves with the holes they can punch in paper targets under controlled circumstances of lighting and comfort, but when shooting at a target that is shooting back at them, they will quickly realize that gun fights in the real world are not at all like the movies and TV shows (and gun club brochures) make them out to be.

I will predict that when the bankers have 6 shots in that revolver, and 1200 angry foreclosed Americans kicking down their doors, not screwing us all in the first place will seem like the right course of action to have followed.

Look at the history of the French Revolution. That Guillotine blade did not fall on just the necks of the King and Queen and the nobility.

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