Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Obama Land

The Gay Secretary

Obama is President of a nation in which one out of every 6 Americans are living in poverty right now. This should serve as proof that you cannot tax people out of poverty; you can only tax them further in.

And maybe that is the goal; to end the APPEARANCE of poverty by making everyone (except the officials) equally poor.

But in the end, the main reason to oppose (with a club if need be) this new treaty is that it is based on a fraud. While the globalists may well have re-branded and changed their name to "Climate Change" we all remember how the initial push was because of "Human Caused Global Warming" and how anyone with eyes can look around at the 4500 records set for low temperature and snow in the US last week and understand that the forecasts cited to justify this new intrusion into our lives were 180 degrees out of whack with the real world.

What is needed in all our lives is far LESS Government, not more.

We are worried that Obama may sign away our national sovereignty, but in truth it is not his to give, and Americans are fully justified in viewing any such surrender as a treason against the Constitution and against the people to be opposed by any means possible.

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